Fundraiser Money Maker

This is the easiest way to generate funds, as a group it’s designed for;

  1. Churches
  2. Schools
  3. Clubs
  4. Non-Profits
  5. Teams
  6. Bands
  7. Reunions
  8. You name it,
    We can help your organization with your money needs.

There is;

  • No Selling
  • No products
  • No Inventory
  • No Storing
  • No Counting
  • No Traveling
  • No Driving

It’s simple just use your social media page and link to our website here and any time someone make a purchase from us we donate to your organization.

We you sign up you are giving a link code to place on your social media pages/site.
You can keep track of visitors from your social media page and see how much money you are making. When others in your organization use the same link you will increase the amount of money you can make every month.