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Finishing Nail Kit – HDX Pneumatic Finishing Kit (4-Piece)

Finishing Nail Kit – HDX Pneumatic Finishing Kit (4-Piece)
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Finishing Nail Kit – HDX Pneumatic Finishing Kit (4-Piece)

The HDX 4-Piece Pneumatic Finishing Kit is the perfect kit for hobbies crafts and small projects around the house. It boasts a 16-gauge straight finish nailer that features a top-loading aluminum magazine, a non-mar tip and adjustable exhaust. The nail depth can be adjusted without the need of any tools to drive nails ranging from 3/4 in. to 2-1/2 in. The 18-gauge strip brad nailer accepts 3/8 in. to 2 in. brads and works great on trim, finish, cabinetry and crafts. The die-cast aluminum housing is durable while still remaining lightweight. The 18-gauge narrow crown stapler fastens 7/32 in. crown staples ranging from 3/8 in. to 1-1/4 in. long; ideal for trim, cabinetry and crafts. In-line re-load indicator alerts when you are running low so you can work uninterrupted. The 23-gauge 1 in. strip headless pin nailer is great for assembling many small wood projects such as jewelry cases, trim and hobby work. It is made of lightweight, die-cast aluminum for a durable tool that is easy to handle. This nailer comes with 200 of each nail type to get you started on your projects.


  • Pneumatic 16-gauge straight finish nailer
  • Pneumatic 2 in. 18-gauge brad nailer
  • Pneumatic 1-1/4 in. narrow crown stapler
  • Pneumatic 1 in. 23-auge micro pinner
  • 200 count of each nail included for each nail gun
  • Die-cast aluminum construction is durable while still lightweight
  • Dust cap for clean internal operation
  • 360-degree adjustable exhaust
  • Soft grip handle provides comfort with no loss of control
  • Lightweight design is easy to handle
  • Includes oil and wrenches

Craftsmanship Ideally for Capentry and Fine Finishing’s

  • Easily drives nails ranging from 3/4 in. to 2-1/2 in.
  • Die-cast aluminum housing is durable yet lightweight
  • Ideal for use with cabinetry, trim, crafts and small projects

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